Monday, October 30, 2017

To any of you fine souls who have visited my blog since 2006 my profound apologies for the disappointment and for wasting your time. Regrettably I have been entirely unable to upkeep many of my sites due to my health not improving but getting dangerously worse. I am currently awaiting a date for a list of surgeries needed to literally save my life and having had 5 cancellations already due to the Queensland health systems inadequacies. I am presently in limbo just wondering when I will next be called back into the G.C. University Hospital for an operation, probably with uncomfortably short notice. The last 4 times I have been to hospital having fasted & showered with special sponges etc- each time I have been informed after varying wait times - "oh sorry Mr Cohen your operation has been cancelled as there are emergency surgeries that have come up" and, "sorry we have not got an ICU bed available so we have to send you home". Something is just not right in the Qld. Health Dept. Anyhow friends that's my reason for not doing lots more with my blog. I've been far too unwell to go fishing for several years now and even though I have kept my ear to the ground so to speak I prefer to talk from first hand experiences. To those of you who are out there and knocking over fish regularly - half your luck, tight lines and enjoy it while you can. You never know when your life situation may change in an instant & the only thing left will be precious memories. My best to you all, I do not propose to write anything further until and if such time as I have had my biggest operation and hopefully survived it. God bless.